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大乐透走势图新浪彩网:About Us

超级大乐透走势图体坛网 www.cqhjr.icu Shenyang Huiyu Vacuum Technics Co.,Ltd.(HYVAC)was founded in 1999.

Since its foundation HYVAC has been one of the leading manufacturer in China of research equipment for analysis of high vacuum applications,and involved in the design and construction of many large scientific projects in China.

HYVAC's greatest assets are many years of experience in vacuum technology and a highly skilled dynamic and ambitious workforce comprising the best specialists, who are characterized by openness to innovation, initiative and creativity. HYVAC is equipped with advanced computerized numerical control machine tools as well as detect instruments. HYVAC has a long and close partnership with many famous institutes or universities in China, such as Modern Physics Institute(CAS),Institute of Semiconductor(CAS),Southwest institute of Physics,China institute on Atomic Energy. Hongkong Baptist University,University of Science and Technology of China,Fu Dan University. etc.,resulted lot of excellent research and developments.

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Vacuum purifying facility for organic small molecular

Ultrahigh-vacuum field-emission cathode property detect system

Ultrahigh vacuum evaporation coating system

Faraday Cup
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